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In 2012, Interoute fully automated its cargo sortation system by installing an automatic sorter from Van Der Lande Industries. In addition to increased sorting speed, the automated system is particularly suited for fragile packages that require gentle handling. The automated system also ensures a rigorous control and a precise sorting of your parcels thus avoiding any error of preparation.

Sorting capacity

Parcel sorting capacity

  • 2.000 parcels / hour or 40.000 parcels / day
  • 28 sorting destinations
  • from 0.5kg to 35kg per unit
  • minimum dimensions 100x100x20mm
  • maximum dimensions 800x1200x800mm

Dynamic sorting control

  • Dynamic packing control
  • Unit weight
  • Volume of the unit
  • Photo of each unit
  • 7 automatic barcode readers
  • simultaneous barcode reading on 5 sides


Our triage system in video