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tailor-made logistics solution

Your business is unique, so are your expectations. That's why E-ADAPT was created. As its name indicates, we adapt to your activity and not the other way around.

A unique tailor-made solution!

After analysis of your activity and your expectations, we define together the rhythm, the conditions and the modalities of your needs in expeditions.







Your goods are out of the ordinary or need to be stored on the ground? Are your needs seasonal or do you have an ephemeral project to organize? An unforeseen emergency or a one-time cross-docking?


Do your customers require 24/7 service? Do your products require specific packaging for shipping?


Do you need to arrange for double-crewed transport by appointment? Your customers are located overseas, a plane or a boat must be planned? Your image needs to be promoted, you want a vehicle with your colors?




Here is a non-exhaustive list of what we can do for you with E-ADAPT:

Preparing your packages the same day.

Our packaging or yours? We adapt!

We manage your stocks with or without barcode

Real-time visibility of your inventory for your peace of mind

We manage return packages with professional quality control

We can manage your expiration dates.

We can photograph your packages on specific request with tracking option

Your non-standard goods (machined parts, non-standard and/or out-of-gauge pallets), your sensitive or valuable materials are of paramount importance to your business: we take care of them with all the necessary precautions.



Nothing is better than a tailor-made solution to find together the best way to manage your stocks and the routing of your goods!

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