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With more than 1,000,000 parcels delivered each year in luxembourg, interoute is one of the leaders in the luxembourg mail delivery market through a large range of inovative and customised systems.


do you have a parcel or pallet mail that you urgently need delivered in luxembourg or in europe?

Interoute takes care of the collection, labelling, sorting and, of course, the delivery of all of your shipments.

With an automated sorting system which sorts 48,000 parcels per day, we can manage large numbers of shipments in a reliable and rapid way.

Our Express service accepts all kinds of freights, including dangerous goods.

Backed by almost 50 years of experience, Interoute has remained a human-sized company with 90 fully dedicated staff aiming to providing fast, reliable, and economical services, while exceeding even the most specific of our clients’ expectations.

Today, Interoute is even able to bring this business spirit to a European scale.

In order to respond to a growing demand in the area of transportation in Luxembourg, Interoute has chosen competitive and specialised partners for you in each country.


Today our network comprises of more than 40 distribution centres across Europe and is still continually expanding to meet all the expectations of our customers.

  • Scanning
  • Track & trace,
  • Before midday,
  • ADR, ...

All modern distribution standards are obviously available in our logistics solutions.